Adopting from The CT Iguana Sanctuary

At any given time, the Connecticut Iguana Sanctuary (a.k.a. my home) tends to be full to capacity and I am unable to take in, even temporarily, iguanas that are seeking new homes. The Sanctuary’s permanent residents are all very special animals, most of which have either long-term physical disabilities or behavioral problems that cannot be addressed in any other type of setting.

For this reason, I generally work in and around the Reptile shows, generally the ones at the Expo Center in White Plains. Those who are seeking new homes for iguanas or other reptiles are asked to contact me shortly before the show dates (listed at and arrange to bring their animals either to the Sanctuary or to the show in White Plains. Because of the sheer volume of animals, I am not able to personally pick animals up except in very rare circumstances. I am usually able to place any animals that are in reasonable health. When surrendering iguanas there is a $50 fee per iguana. Our expenses are far too great to take them in with no monetary donation.

I ask people who are seeking to adopt animals to meet me in White Plains. At that time I tend to have a selection of animals of various sizes and of both genders. I also prefer to meet potential adopters in person to pass out my care sheets, answer any questions they might have and acquaint new owners with the idiosyncrasies of individual animals. Once again, due to the number of animals seeking homes, I am not able to do detailed background checks or home visits of potential adopters. I rely on my experience to ask the right questions and determine who will make an appropriate long-term iguana caretaker. Minors may not adopt animals unless accompanied by enthusiastic parents willing to assume full responsibility for the adoption. I provide full support to adoptive families and am always available to answer ongoing questions about diet, behavior and other aspects of husbandry.

Generally, there is a $50 donation for iguana adopters AND for those surrendering iguanas. Adopters are strongly encouraged to join the International Reptile Conservation Foundation (IRCF) and read the quarterly journal, IGUANA, which contains, among other things, up-to-date husbandry information for iguanas and many other reptile species.

AJ Gutman
Director, Connecticut Iguana Sanctuary
Bloomfield, CT
CT Iguana Sanctuary

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