Animals For Sale in Connecticut

November 2013
Baby Captive Bred Chuckwalla. Hatched July 22, 2013 here. Would strongly prefer not to ship. Available near Hartford, CT. Can meet in CT or bring to White Plains Reptile Expo Jan. 5, 2014. $200.

Bred here in CT. One of two babies to hatch. The other one did not do well and died fairly shortly after hatching. This one is eating very well on greens and other veggies. He/she is fairly skittish but I don't try and handle him/her. I don't really want to sell but need to free up some space and I am certain mom is going to lay again next year.

Parents were purchased as wild caught individuals in 2010 as juveniles. They are not for sale.

I believe these are "red back" Chuckwallas. Baby at left (obviously).Dad is top right, mom, middle right. Both parents bottom right. Email for more info.


Regarding Shipping (or the lack thereof)
We don't ship our animals. Period. So please don't ask us to. We are located right outside of Hartford, Connecticut (Thats in New England, USA.) Animals are available for pickup here. We accept cash only as this is not a "business". Since we don't even ship inside the US we beg you not to ask us to export our animals to Canada or overseas!

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