Alternatives to Iguanas
Iguanas are not for Everyone...

Photo of Pugsley, the official mascot of OK, so you have decided that maybe an Iguana is not for you. There are other great alternatives to Iguanas that do not grow as large, remain tame and do not require such a specialized diet. You have probably made a wise decision to go with a different kind of reptile. Click on the links below for information regarding each animal.

My recommendations for great lizard pets:
  • Leopard Geckos (small, inexpensive, eats crickets, easy to keep, great starter lizard, no special lighting)
  • Crested Geckos (Small, easy to care for gecko that eats dusted crickets and baby food fruit. No special lighting needed & thrive at a couple degrees above room temperature) Care sheet coming soon,
  • Bearded Dragons (larger, omniverous, more expensive, expensive setup, not as easy to keep)
  • My recommendations for snakes as pets:
    Snakes in general do not need as expensive a set up as most lizards. They are nocturnal and therefore need no special lighting except possibly for supplemental heating.
  • Corn snakes (relatively small, easiest to keep, very inexpensive, tame)
  • King/Milk snakes (relatively small, somewhat easy to keep, more expensive, cannot be kept together)
  • Ball Pythons (a manageable python, harder to keep, can develop feeding problems, requires more heat than the above animals.)
  • Hognose snakes (a more unusual pet snake, relatively easy to keep, tame, can have feeding problems)
  • The above recommendations and the links herein are only to get you started. I implore you to read, read, read and read some more before making a purchase.

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